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A return to work interview is a meeting between an employer and an employee who has been absent from work for an extended period of time, whether it be due to illness, injury, personal leave, or any other reason. The purpose of this interview is to ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace and to discuss any changes or updates that may have occurred during the employee’s absence.

The interview should be conducted in a supportive and respectful manner, and the employee should be made to feel comfortable and valued. During the interview, the employer can ask questions about the employee’s absence, including any medical information that may be relevant. The employer can also provide the employee with any updates on company policies, procedures, or changes that have taken place during their absence.

The return to work interview is also an opportunity for the employee to provide feedback on any issues they may have encountered while they were away, such as difficulties with their recovery or changes to their work schedule that may be required. The employer can then take this information into consideration and make any necessary adjustments to support the employee’s successful return to work.

Overall, the return to work interview is an important step in ensuring that the employee feels supported and that the company is able to maintain a positive and productive work environment.

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