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Gantt Chart Template Excel

A Gantt chart is a popular project management tool that provides a visual representation of a project schedule. It is named after Henry Gantt, an American engineer and management consultant who developed the chart in the early 20th century.

A Gantt chart template is a pre-designed layout that helps users create Gantt charts quickly and easily. There are many different Gantt chart templates available online, and they vary in complexity and design.

Using a Gantt chart template can save time and help ensure that all project tasks are accounted for and scheduled properly. It can also help identify potential issues or delays before they become major problems.

Overall, Gantt chart templates are a useful tool for project managers and team members alike, and can be a valuable addition to any project management toolkit.

This Gantt chart template simplifies the process of creating a basic Gantt chart. Each row of the worksheet represents a distinct task, with only the start date and duration needing to be defined.

Additional tasks can be added by copying and pasting rows or inserting a new row and using the Ctrl+D shortcut to copy formulas down. To adjust the chart area’s date range, simply move the scroll bar. Progress tracking is achieved by editing the % Complete column, with the bars on the chart reflecting the % complete for each task.

The chart features a vertical red line to indicate the current date. For automatic work breakdown structure numbering, users can copy the formula for the relevant level from the worksheet’s bottom.

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